Training Courses adapted around your applications on site

Our Training

Opensoft Systems specialises in providing hands on practically focussed automation training, to meet your automation needs and up-skill your team’s capabilities.

We achieve this through referencing your own site PLC application and focusing our training on how you use your technology on a day to day basis.

Our aim is to enable you to efficiently, confidently, and safely maintain your site’s day-to-day operations. Our approach concentrates on dealing with a wide range of faults that typically occur within a plant environment, areas not usually covered in generic automation technology training courses.

Our training provides each delegate with the confidence and skills they need to quickly get online, diagnose, and fix each problem that they may encounter and reduce the downtime impact on your production facility.

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Flexible & Adaptable Training

Our courses provide engineers with a first-hand practical approach to problem-solving and troubleshooting. Courses can be tailored to your team‘s requirements so that we don’t spend valuable course time covering system capabilities that are rarely used and that are of less interest or use to your team. Our focused approach ensures your team receives a course that is 100% relevant to their day-to-day role, supporting your site’s control systems.

Additionally, our courses are modular and are adapted to reference your own applications. This is provided at no extra cost. To do this, we use a copy of your application and reference specific course modules around it. This flexibility ensures that during the training, your team can visualise how an exercise relates to your plant’s application.

Opensoft Systems are everything you need for your Automation Training requirements!

Our aim is to enable you to efficiently, confidently, and safely maintain your site’s day-to-day operations.

Focused PLC Training

Adapted training covering most types of PLC manufacturers our courses provide your maintenance team with practical first-hand knowledge in maintaining and supporting your PLC’s on site.

By understanding your applications this enables us to focus our training on areas of most importance in supporting your equipment on site. We see little point in training your engineers in functions available in the PLC which are not utilised in your code.

Following our training your engineers will gain the following:

  • Will have gained more confidence and be able to get on line to the PLC and interpret your code.
  • Will have learnt techniques to enable effective troubleshooting and fault finding.
  • To backup and download PLC programs.
  • Make minor code modifications e.g. create a timer, change scaled values in the PLC.
  • Easily recognise what position your plant should be at by viewing your PLC’s code.
  • Relate quickly and clearly an electrical drawing to relevant sections of PLC code.