Creating solutions completely aligned to your requirements through the use of open and scalable technologies.

Site Audits

Site Audits

Our Control System Audits are designed to provide you with a clearer
understanding of your site control systems.

Our audits provide you with.

  • a complete picture of all your automation assets.
  • a comprehensive spares list.
  • backups for your HMI and PLCs on site.
  • a clear understanding of your obsolescence risk.
  • identified weaknesses in your systems and single points of failure.
  • practical recommendations from our team of technical experts.

Site audits are not disruptive to your site’s production environment and require minimal onsite supervision.


Our team of dedicated professionals can be mobilised to deliver a range of projects across all your Operational Technologies (OT).

We are able to handle small-scale modifications, enhancements and troubleshooting assignments through to large-scale integration projects.

We have a wide range of expertise and can manage the most complex multi-skilled software projects. Our team has an extensive working knowledge of OT technology, from Programmable Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces & Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition systems through to SQL Databases.

Our integration projects are engineered with openness in mind, using open, easily scalable, solutions from world-leading vendors.



Our PLC & HMI Maintenance Training Courses are designed to ensure the training that we deliver is relevant to the support of your plant environment.

We achieve this by referencing the course directly to your application on-site to ensure relevance, throughout the training.

Courses can be further adapted to your teams’ requirements so that we don’t spend valuable course time covering features that are of less relevance,
and spend more time on those areas which are.

Our maintenance courses focus on dealing with a wide range of faults which typically occur within a plant environment. We teach a range of fault-finding and troubleshooting techniques to build confidence and increase skills.


Our Support Contracts are designed to support your Automation systems on-site. We can tailor our contracts to address the systems you most need to support. We have expertise with all the major automation vendors and maintain this through a strong working knowledge with key DCS, PLC, HMI and SCADA technology.

Our support contracts provide you with the peace of mind that plant critical assets are covered in the event of failure. We provide.

  • Site Audit Reports.
  • Telephone & Email Support.
  • Regular Contract Reporting.
  • Onsite Support Days.
  • Regular Backups & System Health Checks.
  • Remote Support Link for fast response.
  • Priority response for all contract holders.
  • We provide you with the flexibility to utilise un-used support days.

Our aim is to deliver expert support services which provide peace of mind and real value. This is why we encourage our clients to utilise any unused support days pro-actively by delivering training, project consultancy services, or support with project work.


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