H+H UK Ltd

Lead Controls Engineer, ,

“H+H UK Ltd are new customers of Opensoft Systems. We have three Aircrete block factories, one based in Kent and two in Yorkshire. It was the Pollington factory where the training took place.

We used Opensoft Systems to provide and deliver a training course on ‘Basic Digital Electronics & Introduction to PLCs’ The course was very informative and all staff who attended found it useful, especially the mechanical technicians. Our feedback on the day was very positive as all participants enjoyed the course and thought the content was aimed at the right level for their skill set. The group on the course were a mixture, some new to this area, whilst others were more seasoned.Unanimously, though, the response was that everyone had gained from the course.

Whilst we don’t have the need to use Opensoft Systems regularly, we would have no concern recommending them, both as a company and the course content provided.”