Omron PLC Maintenance & Fault Finding Course

3 Day Omron C Series PLC Maintenance & Fault Finding Course

This course is for Technicians & Engineers who are responsible for installing, maintaining & fault-finding industrial automation plant systems which uses Omron C Series PLCs.

Omron PLC Training

Delegates will learn:

  • To identify the components & performance characteristics of the Omron C Series PLCs
  • To install a PLC system, including the communication cabling and wiring of I/O
  • To operate the CX developer software to make it perform specific tasks
  • To carry out systems diagnostics when problems happen
  • To debug hardware problems
  • To document, test, and troubleshoot an application program
  • To replace Omron C series PLC hardware and modules when a fault occurs
  • To understand basic instruction set & be able to make minor modifications to software
  • To backup and restore a PLC program when required
  • To use binary operations, timers, counters, comparators, and arithmetic operations for modifications

This course introduces the CX Developer Programming Software. A system overview of the Omron C Series PLC, which includes hardware & software components, plus system configuration issues. The course concentrates on the Omron C Series PLC hardware, & troubleshooting.

CX Developer software diagnostic tools & programming instructions are introduced in the course to guide the delegate through the management of a realistic application. The course format is a combination of instruction & hands-on exercises.

Demonstration exercises are included & allow delegates to practice tasks such as testing, debugging & using diagnostic tools.

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