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Omron C Series PLC Maintenance & Fault Finding Course (CP, CJ & CS)

Opensoft Systems offers customised training for Omron C Series PLC. Your course is developed based on your engineers’ existing PLC programming knowledge and their familiarity of the Omron environment.

For delegates who are unfamiliar with the Omron C Series PLC, we will cover the fundamentals, including an overview of its architecture and an introduction to the CX-Programmer software, which is Omron’s programming environment.

By the end of the fundamental module, the delegates will be comfortable identifying Omron C service components an be able to reload the program into the system.

Course Outline:

Typically, during the course delegates will learn to:

  • Identify the components & performance characteristics of the Omron C Series PLCs
  • Install a PLC system, including the communication cabling and wiring of I/O
  • Familiarise themselves with CX-Programmer
  • Create, test & edit simple PLC programs
  • Execute systems diagnostics when problems happen
  • Document, test, and troubleshoot an application program
  • Perform CX-One programming with structured text
  • Debug code in a simulator
  • Backup and restore a PLC program when required
  • Learn hands-on how to use binary operations, timers, counters, comparisons, copying data, floating-point, and arithmetic operations for modifications

This can vary based on your site’s skills requirements and the result of our pre-training assessment.

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