Food Manufacturer – SCADA Virtualisation Migration

Food Manufacturer – SCADA Virtualisation Migration

AVS Safeguards to Ensure Fast Production Recovery

Hain Daniels

Bought from Premier Foods by Hain Celestial in 2012, the Histon food production facility based near Cambridge produces some of the UK’s most famous jam and spreads such as Hartley’s, Frank Cooper, and Robertson’s. The facility operates a number of batch production plant facilities which are process controlled by a number of SCADA and PLC systems distributed throughout the plant. The systems allow plant operation staff to control ingredient additions, control recipes, and set cooking profiles to production vessels.

Project Scope

The systems also provide historical information logs to maintain production quality and process traceability. To maintain production uptime and safeguard the quality of operation the company installed AVS to ensure resilience to their systems and secure operation across all production areas. The AVS system ensures consistent backups are taken of all critical application and plant data and enables the fast recovery of production control applications in the event they are required.

Technologies Used

  • VMware Workstation
  • Active Virtualisation Software