Water Treatment – Enviromental Monitoring SCADA Failover

Water Treatment – Enviromental Monitoring SCADA Failover

Environmental & Monitoring Failover System

Celtic Anglian Water (CAW)

Celtic Anglian Water (CAW) provides world-class water and waste treatment services to their clients in Ireland and the UK, by reliably delivering cost-effective operations. CAW’s Dublin operation is at the very heart of Dublin’s infrastructure providing wastewater treatment to the cities businesses and residential homes across Dublin.

Situated on Dublin’s coast the process plant operates continuously. Wastewater passes through screens to remove paper, plastics, and large solid material. Further settlement tanks allow solids to settle where the material is then further treated to improve biological and chemical oxygen demand. A further ultraviolet disinfection process allows CAW to achieve Dublin’s coveted blue flag status for water quality and environmental management.

The Challenge

Celtic Anglian Water’s SCADA system provides round the clock monitoring of the plants process variables and captures data used for environmental reporting. Failure of these systems could lead to loss of plant control. To fail proof their system, CAW approached Opensoft Systems for guidance on the deployment of their virtualisation solution and provide system resilience to their critically important SCADA based control systems.

The Solution

Opensoft deployed an AVS redundancy facility which provided immediate dual redundancy allowing either SCADA system to take control in the event of failure. Futher precautions were implemented to allow the AVA server software to take regular system backups which facilitate the fast deployment of these systems to any PC compatible hardware, should this be required.

Client's Feedback

“Opensoft Systems have implemented for us a Data Historian, for the secure collection, storage and reporting for our site’s operational and environmental reporting requirements.

We then asked them to deploy their AVS backup and recovery solution for our main SCADA nodes.

The system provides us with secure daily data backup and application recovery solutions.

These systems provide direct communication and data retrieval from our plant PLCs, their continued operation is therefore critical to us.

It was clear on both projects that their expertise and knowledge were high which gave us the confidence to invest in both solutions.

We are considering extending AVS to encompass other systems within our plant. ”


Celtic Anglian Water

Lead Control System Engineer