Air Separation Producer – Major Automation Project

Air Separation Producer – Major Automation Project

Upgrade of ageing hardware & operating systems

air liquide case study

Air Liquide UK provides a wide range of cylinder gases utilised across a wide range of industries from Brewing, Food processing to Healthcare and Pharmaceutical applications.

The Challenge

The company approached Opensoft Systems to assist with an ageing control system on one of their continuous gas production facilities.

The Solution

A virtual solution was deployed to enable the replacement of existing ageing hardware and operating systems to a more supportable platform. As the operation demanded close control and visualisation of the process by operators 24 hours per day 7 days a week, a failover facility was implemented to ensure continuous monitoring and control of the production process in the event of the primary SCADA system failing. The sites production batch records and applications are configured automatically to be securely backed up to the sites backup server to further safe guard the sites assets.

Customer Feedback

“We recently commissioned Opensoft Systems to provide us with greater resilience in our main control system.

The system is critical to our site operations and the continuous production of CO2.

They implemented the required engineering modifications across our SCADA and PLC systems swiftly and professionally,the system now provides the added security which we require for our round the clock operations.

Their engineers were punctual, highly knowledgeable and very professional at all times, ensuring a smooth transition.”

Air Liquide

UK Primary Process Plant Manager