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“We chose Opensoft’s AVS system to provide a much-needed upgrade and application resilience to our Line 1 production facility. Our existing SCADA system had been in situ since 1998 and ran on the Windows NT platform connected to Siemens S5 PLC’s.

The hardware the system ran on was naturally becoming a concern to us due to its age and the increasing potential for the SCADA PC hardware to fail. We liked the simplicity with which AVS allowed us to upgrade to the latest Windows operating software whilst retaining our existing SCADA software. The solution also allowed us to remove our legacy serial communications from the SCADA PC’s to the plant in favour of Ethernet.

We opted for the AVS server module to provide ongoing data and application backups going forward to what is a critical production facility operating 24 x 7. We are now considering deploying AVS to other areas of our facility. Thank you to all at Opensoft who were involved in our deployment.”