Ibstock Brick

Ibstock Factory Manager, ,

“The plant had experienced a number of ‘after the event occurrences’, where operational difficulties had been encountered which led to valuable production losses.

An Industrial Data Historian was installed to enable the real-time collection of all defined plant data and the data compression provided by the Historian enabled a higher volume of data to be logged over a conventional Relational Database. The data historian was used to stream ‘live’ performance data to a series of dashboards providing operations staff with a real-time view of their production environment.

Since implementing the system it has provided us with a real-time insight into the factories status at any point in time. This has enabled us to react quicker to downtime situations and has given us the ability to better understand faults to help drive improvements. The historian provides an extremely useful feature in giving us the ability to better analyse past faults and understand the root cause.”