Siemens PLC, HMI & SCADA Courses

3 Day Maintenance & Fault Finding Course

Siemens SCADA using TIA Portal and WinCC Professional

Learn to diagnose problems and maintain the Siemens WinCC Professional SCADA.

Siemens SCADA using TIA Portal Software (WinCC Professional)

Learning with your own codes

During the course, your engineers will learn using examples provided from your site’s applications, backed up by hands-on sessions. They will come away with the necessary skill sets to confidently assess a fail situation and troubleshoot common plant issues.

Opensoft Systems PLC training is tailored to your plant environment. Your training content is developed after a pre-training assessment, and we will use the PLC code you provide to ensure that your engineers learn the skills needed to perform their tasks effectively

Siemens SCADA using TIA Portal Software (WinCC Professional)

As standard, delegates will learn to:

  • Identify components & performance characteristics of  Siemens WinCC Pro System
  • Use the Siemens TIA Portal
  • Create projects & screen design
  • Recipe Management, Alarm and Tag Lagging, C Scription and more
  • To use VB Scripting and Cross-Referencing
  • Create scheduled task
  • Document, test, & troubleshoot an application program
  • Carry outsystem diagnostics when a problem occurs
  • TIA Portal S7 PLC and WinCC integration
  • Backup & restore a PLC program
  • Use communication channels

The key focus of our adapted training is to improve the confidence, troubleshooting & diagnostic skills of front-line electrical/mechanical engineers & support staff. Course content can be tailored to your systems requirements and the skill levels of your staff. Our course format is a combination of instruction & hands-on exercises. There will be demonstration exercises and delegates will perform hands-on practice tasks such as testing, debugging & using diagnostic tools. If you have specific training needs, just contact us and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

This course introduces the Siemens TIA Programming Portal and WinCC Professional. It covers a system overview which includes hardware & software components, plus system configuration issues, concentrating on troubleshooting. TIA and WinCC Professional software diagnostic tools & programming instructions are introduced in the course to guide the delegate through the management of a realistic application.

Programming theory is kept to a minimum, the course is hands-on with great emphasis on the practical aspects of Siemens SCADA applications.