SCADA Maintenance & Faultfinding Courses

3 Day - SCADA Maintenance Course

SCADA Training

Delegates will learn:

  • To build a SCADA Application
  • To diagnose typical SCADA problems
  • To troubleshoot possible communication problems between SCADA and the I/O server
  • To execute disaster recovery steps
  • What to do if the I/O server stops
  • How to use Logger diagnostics for fault finding


  • Work with SCADA in a maintenance role (not vendor specific)

3 Day - SCADA Data Historian Course

Delegates will learn:

  • To start and configure Historian Server
  • To configure and historize InTouch data
  • To retrieve data with SQL queries
  • To update and insert history data
  • To create and configure events and retrieve event data
  • To configure Historian tags for local summarization
  • To configure Historian Client.
  • To use a Tier-2 Historian for replication and summarization
  • To back up and restore Historian data
  • To retrieve Historian data with the help of Historian Client Desktop (tailored to your software)
  • To use the data in its appropriate context, including historical and real-time trend manipulation, and production-related reporting within Microsoft Excel and Word


  • Knowledge of databases and SQL language
  • Knowledge of SCADA systems
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Word

Why choose Opensoft Systems for your training?

Opensoft Systems training is not a one-size-fits-all course. Every course we deliver is prepared and tailored to the delegates and their knowledge of SCADA & Historian and your own plant processes.