Pharmaceutical – Monitoring Control & Reporting for Industry Compliance

Pharmaceutical – Monitoring Control & Reporting for Industry Compliance

Monitoring, Control and Reporting for Industry Compliance

Scapa Healthcare

Scapa Healthcare offers a complete range of wound healing products to meet the wound care needs of health professionals. The companies long-standing commitment to skin and wound care began with the development of the first ready-made, ready-to-use surgical dressing in the mid-1880s and continues today with innovative wound care treatments developed by the experienced team of R&D Scientists at the Gargrave Centre of Excellence for Wound Healing. Production is based at the Gargrave site a small village near to the market town of Skipton, North Yorkshire. A variety of production processes are in use within the production facility from Sterilisation to Freeze Drying processes through to packaging and eventual product

The Challenge

To ensure resilience across a number of production based PC based control systems which provide round the clock process monitoring, control and reporting to critical processes across the site. The solution had to have the ability to provide quick recovery of the application in the event of hardware loss.

The Solution

The site looked to Opensoft Systems to provide a solid solution to enable the migration to newer hardware of older systems on site. Opensoft Systems ensured all applications and data are securely backed up on a sequential basis. Opensoft deployed virtualisation technology with Scapa Healthcare offsite data centre hosting ESXi server to provide a further secure environment for the company’s production assets.

This enabled the site to  secure important data and plant critical applications. The solution ensured they were able to be recovered instantly in the event they were required in a disaster recovery situation.

Technology Used

VMWare ESXi Server Platform